We are at a moment of great adversity and we must - we will overcome this adversity, this American tragedy. 

Do not retreat from your identity, do not recoil from your soul, from your ideas, wear your colors on your sleeve - do not hide in the shadows - do not be ashamed - make your actions and voices visible. Fear is how they win, turn that fear into action.

The boil has risen to the surface, now more than ever our opportunity awaits. This is our chance to rise - rise against what was perceived to be hidden. Now is the time to stand firm, stand firm and fight for what is just, what is right, what is fair, and what leads to progress for humanity. 

#Justice and #Progress must and will prevail - we must correct. 

I stand with you.

Yitang Zhang’s Mathematical Discovery

During a recent class with my favorite professor, I as well as other students were given an article that was recently published in The New Yorker.  It describes the journey of a mathematician who solved a more than 100 year old mathematical problem dealing with prime numbers. For a brief overview of the problem view the video below. For a more in depth analysis of the story check out the article published in The New Yorker