Ecosystem of the West is Changing

I came across this article from the New York Times this morning. I found it to be yet another example of how our climate is changing. In most if not all instances the changing of our climate is for the worse and that seems to be the case here with this story about The Glacier National Park. 

In this article Michael Wines explains one particular example of how climate change in the region will cause serious consequences for those living in the western part of the United States. He states, "...Moisture loss from early snowmelt is worsening a record hydrological drought on the Colorado River, which supplies water to about 40 million people from the Rockies to California and Mexico; by 2050, scientists estimate, the Colorado’s flow could drop by 10 percent to 30 percent..." The consequences are not only to humans but to the animals who also depend on the resources of this area. 

This is an informative article, you can read more from it below: