The New Spring, Brought To You By Climate Change, In Five Charts

The climate change debate continues to provide for regular discourse among Americans. No matter what side you fall on, after reading this article by Katie Peek, a Popular Science contributor, you’ll find the evidence she presents is compelling. Something is going on with respect to the plants, animals and climate change. Despite the specific causes, which leaves room for further debate, I tend to agree with science and the theory behind climate change in its current form. Climate change is being significantly influenced by man. Peek explains in her article with the charts that she presents, earlier bloom time trends are happening and are as a result of climate change. I particularly like the Cherry tree bloom times that have been compiled by Osaka Prefecture University and have been recorded since approximately 800 A.D. (Peek). According to the chart, the trend for earlier bloom times begins approximately during the late 1800’s and makes a significant drop towards earlier bloom times during the early part of the 20th century. Check out the article and see how Peek shows the correlation between plants, animals and climate change. Her evidence can be quite compelling considering how simple the argument is that she presents. Read the full article here on Popular Science.