Simplicity in Design Reaps Benefits to Those Who Need Clean Drinking Water

Having access to fresh drinking water is something that Americans take for granted on a daily basis. All one needs to do is go to their kitchen or bathroom and turn the faucet on. Literally at the flip of a switch, access to clean drinking water. Now on the other end of the spectrum imagine having to walk every day for hours a day just to get water, water that is not even suitable to drink. Because of this, there is no time for school or work. This is the plight of many in Ethiopia and other countries around the world. But as Joseph Flahetry of Wired Magazine found, one man came up with an ingenious solution to this problem. This solution so simple and effective which was designed by Arturo Vittori is a basket that stands roughly 9 meters (30ft) tall and uses condensation to collect water out of the atmosphere. The WarkaWater tower has an exoskeleton made of  juncus or bamboo while the mesh container that collects the water is similar to that of produce bags commonly used in packaging oranges (Flaherty, 2014).

Image: Arturo Vittori

According to Flaherty the development of this project has taken two years and currently Vittori is seeking " financial rainmakers who’d like to seed these tree-inspired structures across the country," the cost for the completed tower is around $500 dollars and takes roughly a week to complete by a group of four and it can reasonable collect up to 25 gallons of fresh drinking water per day (Flaherty, 2014).

Be sure to check out Flaherty's full article here.


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